December 7, 2016

Process, Air & Water Newsletter

December 2016

Disinfection in Industrial Process Water

Process water is water that is used in a variety of manufacturing operations such as: washing and rinsing; thermal management of process equipment; fire protection in sprinkler systems, etc.  Typically, industrial water use mainly consists of use of process water in boilers, cooling towers and

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July 2016

A Process Challenge in NASA Spacesuits

Antoine Technical Consulting LLC joined forces with Adelante Sciences Corporation to shed some light on the issue of water intrusion into the helmets of astronauts that has been plaguing NASA over the past three years.  The latest occurrence was as recent as January 2016,

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February 2016

Flint Water Crisis

For largely economic reasons, Flint, MI decided to process drinking water for its citizens itself, rather than continuing to obtain water from Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, which sources its water from Lake Huron. In making this switch, the city decided to temporarily source its water from the Flint river until it can

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