October 12, 2015


Antoine Technical Consulting provides process engineering & design services to OEMs and manufacturers in the chemical process industries (CPI).  Below is a summary of our services:

  • Process Engineering
    • Troubleshooting, Start-up, Scale-up, Energy assessments of your processes
  • Process Design
    • Basis of design, Front-end engineering design (FEED), Equipment selection and sizing, Appropriations requests, NFPA® 30 – Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code interpretation and application
  • Technology Assessment
    • Technical consulting, Research, Due diligence, Chemical process simulation (CHEMCAD)
  • Summary technical reports

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Our Process

We can help you achieve your project goals whether it is making more product through increased efficiency or reduced downtime; identifying areas for water or energy conservation to increase overall business profitability or cost avoidance.  The customer provides access to us to:

  • Map your manufacturing process, collect process data. We will perform a thorough data analysis to understand your specific needs and identify the greatest opportunities for improvement.
  • Troubleshoot processes/equipment. Our practical industrial experience combined with a thorough knowledge of chemical & materials engineering fundamentals we are able to provide recommendations in the evaluation of any process for OEMs, R&D and manufacturing. Let us assist you by supporting your in-house staff.
  • Data reconciliation. Oftentimes, it is important to verify that process measurements reconcile with incoming billing of utilities (fuel, water and gases) to ensure lean manufacturing. We will do an overall heat and energy balance of your process that will give you insight into areas that can provide the most opportunity for process improvement.
  • Facilitate intellectual property (IP) identification or generation. There are times when ‘prior art’ does not allow a customer to obtain a specific business objective. An invention may be the solution. IP can also arise from performing technology assessments for due diligence activities.  We can help guide a customer’s strategic business objectives through IP generation and documentation.